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    [problem]Error "sfntread library error (83::4)" when you start After Effects CS3 (Windows)


      I am experiencing the above stated problem in the subject. I downloaded the trial version off the website. But when starting the program, i got the error:
      Error "sfntread library error (83::4)" when I start After Effects CS3

      I tried looking at resolving it through the help posted in the support site.

      Apparently, the value which was asked to change, it was already set to "0"

      Is there not anything else I can do?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, I have no more detailed info for you, but if this error (and other, similar ones) pops up, it is usually a good idea to take a look at your shared Adobe components and other Adobe programs. The error itself seems related to the Adobe font system and/or generic vector rasterization engine such as it is also used by Acrobat and various import/ export filters. Therefore a good place to start is to remove any fonts on the system that you don't need. The engine may simply be trying to load them and then fails because they are damged or have some otehr ominous info. If that fails, look into what otehr apps you have on the system. Run the Adobe Updater to make sure you have all the latest versions. If it still does not work think about uninstalling the products. I know it's a pain, but it may get AE to function. As a helper, use the CS3 Clean scripts from the support pages. These will work a little faste and really kill everything (compared to a normal uninstall), Just make sure to deactivate before uninstalling, or you may run into trouble when trying to reactivate.