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    FIX Flickering Due to Microsoft Intellipoint Software (ipoint.exe)

      I have had video problems due to this mouse driver for about a year now and I finally found a solution I thought I would share with everyone.

      I had issues with after effects CS2 and 3dsmax 9. It caused graphical artifacting and flickering intermitantly on screen. Mostly when I use the dropdown menus and rendering in 3dsmax.
      Do some searching... this is a wide spread problem with few solutions out there. Most of the solutions say to just disable the ipoint.exe driver to fix this, but you might as well uninstall the software if you are disabling the ipoint.exe driver because you cant use the functionality of the software. I love the intellipoint drivers because you can program the mouse buttons to perform multiple actions in every program used This is very helpful for CG work. It would be nice in Microsoft would get off there *** and fix this issue, but here is a solution that worked for me.

      I am using Windows Xp 64 and updated Nvidea Geforce drivers. This is not an issue with Windows XP 64. I dont think the type of video card you have matters either because I have read multiple postings with references to ipoint.exe problems with many different video cards and different versions of Windows including the XP 32 bit version.

      This is what I did to fix this.

      Uninstall all microsoft intellimouse driver versions. Export your registry settings and then search in registry for intellimouse and delete all references.
      I dont think this is necessary but thats what I did.

      Reinstall with IntelliPoint 5.5. 64 bit


      Its as easy as that.

      All flickering stopped and I can still program my buttons.

      Tye W