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    Film footage question

      I am working with some footage in AE i shot on 16mm. I am doing some editing that requires some frame-by-frame work. Because of the nature of film though and the frame rate, now that i have the footage converted to a quicktime file, every other fame is the same one. Which makes the frame-by-frame work a pain. I know AE has a way to compensate for this, but i cant remember how....
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          ChrisPoisson Level 1

          How was your film transfered? What frame rate?

          Not sure, but I think FieldsKit from revisioneffects can turn your frames into fields. I know it works the other way, so check it out.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            If the frames were simply duplicated to generate fields, you can un-duplicate them by simply nesting two comps - one with the full framerate, the otehr with half that. you would work in the one with the half rate and then simply nest it again into another comp with the original framerate for output to duplicate the frames as fields. If you are using pulldown footage, check the cadence in the footage interpretation and simply place it into a native 24fps/12fps comp. AE should handle everything else correctly based on its smartness (interpretation rules).

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              Joey Morelli Level 1
              Have you tried removing the pulldown? Command/F (Interpret Footage dialog) / Fields and Pulldown / Guess 3:2 Pulldown (select Preserve Edges as well)

              You can't do this to an edited piece just individual clips as the pulldown scheme is different from clip to clip.
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                Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                I'd recommend Mylenium's solution!

                - Jonas Hummelstrand