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    Output to Quicktime trouble

      I've finished a piece in After Effects 7.0, with art created in Flash. It outputs to avi nicely. But I need a smaller file size. I use the Sorensen 3 codec to output and the Quicktime comes out as colorful flickers with no image, but full file size. So I upgrade to AE CS 3, and the same thing happens.

      But if I take the avi file into my very old Adobe Premiere 6 LE that came preinstalled with this Sony computer about four years ago it outputs with Sorensen 3 perfectly. What could this be about?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Not sure. These days Quicktime is so messed up due to Apple bringing out half-hearted bug fixes every month, it could be anything. Do you get the errors when trying to convert the AVI via AE or is it when rendering the original project?

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            Thanks for your reply. It does it either way, from a comp or from a completed avi. The avi looks gorgeous. What other format besides swf would give me really nice quality on something that may end up on a cel phone? (I realize that question sounds goofy!)

            So weird that the Premiere 6 LE can handle it and the AE CS3 can't.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Actually it's not weird. Sorenson/ sorenson 3 are legacy CoDecs no longer officially supported. You will notice that they do not even natively show up with the latest versions of QT (They're stil lthere, though). Cell phone support is very tricky. Support for given formats is merely dependent on the device. that's why for all intents and purposes you should always export such content from Flash or Photoshop via Device Central. Flash Lite is merely a subset of Flash and does not support all features and likewise things such as animated mobile bitmaps work differently. Can't really help you with the specifics, though. I never really have done anything along those lines as I'm not very interested in this stuff. Maybe ask some questions on the respective forums. I'm sure you'll find some geeks who buy a new mobile every month...

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                Thanks for the information. I didn't know that about Sorensen- at a Flash forum I learned it was the ultra reliable codec. But I seem to have Quicktime problems no one else has. all my Quicktime files look like an Adobe Photoshop filter of rainbow grain had been applied to them. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Quicktime without improvement. Tried the Quicktime robot chat (a sure way to get in a bad mood.) Guess I've just got to avoid Quicktime.

                This is just a pilot for cel phone, not to actually go straight on one. I don't even have a cel phone! But guess I need to figure what device central is all about.
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                  Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
                  Use Adobe Device Central to figure out what kinds of files the particular cellphone can play. Don't avoid QuickTime, it works (99% of the time.)

                  - Jonas Hummelstrand