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    Rounding Errors in AE CS3?

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      Has anyone ever noticed AE adding empty frames to the end of QuickTime movie output? It's as if the duration was rounded up to the nearest full second by adding a few black frames.

      I also noticed if I enter 60 seconds for a movie trailer composition's duration, it is rounded down to 59;28 instead of 59;29, which is technically correct since it's 29.97 for the frame rate, but it is a bit unintuitive. I believe Final Cut interprets 60;00 as 59;29 with the 29.97 frame rate chosen.

      Even if I trick AE by using 60;01 for the duration it only shows as 59;29 duration for that session. When I quit, restart, and reopen the project it's down to 59;28 again. I want my frame count to stay the same!
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          If you think it's a bug, please file here:


          Personally I don't think it is, but then again I'm lucky enough to not have to worry about the finer points of NTSC most time of the year. ;-) My guess is that this has to do with calculating the distribution of fields, resulting in some time left over every x seconds which is then simply allocated to empty frames at the end of a file.