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    Text isn't vector-based

      I've pulled my hair out trying to find a solution to this, but I can not.

      I am a new After Effects CS3 user and am doing simple things with text. My text is very pixelated. When I zoom in on the text, it is VERY pixelated - not vector based at all. This is true when I animate or when I don't animate. This is true for previews, for exports, and even for simply viewing it inside After Effects in the composition panel. This is true for any font I use. This is true regardless of which quality setting I put the layer on. I have tried to tweak or change anything I can think of. I've been able to find solutions for people who had pixelated text in their final exported files, but I have yet to find anything about problems on the text being very pixelated INSIDE After Effects.

      I am running Windows XP if that matters.
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          You're saying it's pixelated as soon as you type a fresh text layer without doing anything to it?
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            Hi Loren! when you say you zoom in on the text, do you meen that you are zooming the stage? If so you should see more pixels. AE is not like Illustrator there you can zoom 2000 precent and still see sharp edges.
            Or do you scale the text? THAT should give you sharp edges.

            Regards / Jimmy
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              Exactly as Jimmy said. When you zoom into the comp, you see the rasterized buffer. This is even more so if your comp preview resolution is set to Half, Third or Quarter. In addition, keep in mind the pixel aspect ratio correction will make the whole comp blocky/ pixelated. Also check for OpenGL. Depending on your graphics card, it will degenerate the "texture" and your text will look rubbish. Switch to Adpative mode then. The only other thing that would cause considerable degeneration is if you have precomposed the text and scale the sub-composition without continuously rasterize enabled. In that case you are simply scaling pixels. Beyond that there is no way in hell to trigger what you are describing (ruling out serious damage to your install) - any text layer operation happens natively based on vectors - that is if you are using proper TrueType, OpenType and PostScript fonts to begin with. Probably that's what's wrong - you are using a bitmap font?!

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                Please post a screen shot somewhere and we can take a look for ourselves!

                - Jonas Hummelstrand
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                  Here's a note from the "Zoom" section of After Effects CS3 Help that seems relevant:

                  "Note: After Effects renders vector objects before zooming (scaling for preview), so some vector objects may appear jagged when you zoom in on them. This does not affect scaling of layers or rendering to final output."
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                    Ahh..thanks for the info, guys. I was used to Illustrator and was expecting the text to have razor sharp edges when I zoomed in - but apparently that's not the way After Effects works. I was looking at a tutorial on Lynda.com on After Effects CS3, and the guy zoomed in on text just like I did, except that it DID have razor sharp edges like in Illustrator. I don't know why his did that and it seems that everyone else's doesn't - but if everyone says what I'm seeing is normal, then I'm happy.

                    I went back and looked at the tutorial, and the instructor was adjusting the scale of the text after all, not the view. So I guess I'm normal after all :)