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    Homepage displaying latest post

      Hi everyone.
      Im totally new to web design and have what seems like a basic doubt, but scouring the internet hasn't helped my issue and I feel there must be something basically wrong with my understanding. Here's my question:
      Ive recently managed a few pages (html) of my proposed site using Dreamweaver CS3. The site will be continually updated and I want to know how to go about making sure my latest posts appear on the home page - the way it happens in Blogger.
      Eternal gratitude in advance to someone who can give me at least a starting point on what needs to be done.
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          Level 7
          What you're describing is a blog.

          Why not use Blogger or WordPress or similar to create and maintain your site
          rather than DW?


          John Waller

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            JoeDaSilva Level 4
            If you're just updating pages by hand there's no way to do that. If you were using a content management system you could accomplish this, but it would depend on what CMS you were using before anyone could explain how to go about it.

            Before anyone could suggest a content management system we'd have to know more about your project.
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              Matt_Mrth Level 1
              Firstly thank you for taking time out.
              Its a sports site with around 4-5 posts put up every week about recent events, matches etc. So ideally I'd like to have the newest posts appearing on the home page (simply appearing one below the other). There will be a spry navigation menu with around 5 categories. All the content will be written by me. Basically I'd want returning visitors to see the latest posts (3-4 posts) on the home page. I already have a blogger blog but am trying to make 'the move' for several reasons including an unfriendly navigation menu, 'it looks more professional' etc.
              Thanks in advance.