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    creating scent trails? Heeeeelllllp!


      i want to create a scent trail, in this case being transmitted from a tuna on a long line in an ocean environment: i see this as a silvery tendril effect with wispy bits getting transmitted from the tuna and slowly dissipating(but not totally disappearing)...the other issue and its the biggest issue is tracking this scent to the tuna which is moving and is shot on a moving camera with the occasional camera zoom...i know, cool eh?...i'm thinking not...at this point!!!

      so to recap:

      create an after effects effect which looks like wispy smoke which can be moved though and around (x,y,z) - a possibility could be trapcodes form???..but certainly not a given(so open to any bright suggestions)...any other suggested plugins/techiniques/tutorials welcome?

      track this effect to a dynamic camera and object. - in most cases it is possible to extract a matt

      ....i am open to any suggestions at this point, all my attempts look...crap!....help

      thanking you in advance and to all the original posters to whom i asked for help a few days ago on the same subject!!

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          Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          Sounds like a job for Particular to me.

          You can attach the particle emitter to your tuna-tracking data. If your tuna moves in Z space you will probably need to manually add some Z-space movement to the tracking data (as AE can't do a 3D track) to get your particle emitter functioning in 3D space.

          You can create a custom particle to represent the look you want for the "tendrils" - perhaps just a single strand of the tendril that slowly blurs/diffuses.

          The camera zooms will be complicated to work around - again, probably a manual fix is all that's possible.
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            nate_movingpixel Level 1
            thanks andrew...will certainly give that a try and let you know how i get on!...i'm thinking i'll have to work on this frame by frame to get it looking plausible