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    Animate filters in Photoshop CS3 - possible?

      I know this is not the right forum for this question. There is some filter effects in PS CS3 that I want to animate. One way could be to copy the filters and try to use them inside AE CS3, but it would be cool to really learn what is possible to do inside PS. Could this be done?

      Regards / Jimmy
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          You cannot use PS filters in AE. That functionality was removed as of AE 6 due to Photoshop's filter architecture undergoing massive changes at the time that could not be accomodated. Perhaps it will resurface some day (it's a high-priority wish for quite a number of users). You can however use the filters with Photoshop's batch processing and video layers, but only with static settings. For animating filter parameters you will have to dig into BridgeTalk/ Photoshop scripting so you can change parameters on an image-by-image (or frame-by-frame, if you will) basis, but obviously this will take time to learn or find nice peopel versed in that art who are willing to share their knowledge.

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            jimmy@access.se Level 1
            Thanks Mylenium! Yes, I probably tried to use PS filter in AE some years ago. Too bad it's not possible any more. My scripting skills are way to limited to manage to animate filter parameters. Only thing to hope for is some sort of plugin or manager that can extend PS with the capability. I hoped that "Photoshop Extended" would already had that.

            Regards / Jimmy