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    Quad Core Question

      We are building a new system. The last system we built was a dual quad core with 8 Gigs of ram, Quadro FX 3500, and XP 64-bit. Every time we opened After Effects and Photoshop it crashed and locked up the system. We changed the OS to XP 32-bit, dropped the ram down to 4 Gigs. The system is working better, but not where we would like it.

      On the second machine we do not want to have the same issues. Does anyone know what we can uses to get the most bang out of this system. After Effects CS3, Premier Pro CS3, and Photoshop CS3 are the main programs we are using.
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          David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
          Since XP64 is no longer a supported OS, you may have better success with Vista64.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            David has a point, though MS will support XP64 with patches and hotfixes until 2011. Unfortunately switching to Vista 64 will not guarantee any betterment. The point everything is pivoted around is driver support and on the system you were experiencing problems, very likely the graphics card is the culprit. NVidia is always behind in supporting x64 systems and in addition, it really seems to depend on the specific sub-model of a card. If you search this forum for threads on issues with NVidia cards or Vista for only the last week, you will find several threads... In that light, giving concrete advice is rather difficult. I can only report that I have a FX5500 on a dual quadcore E5345 and the system runs perfectly for a year now. However, this has been a prefab computer of our local Fujitsu-Siemens brand R-series workstations, so I wouldn't really expect otherwise. ;-) Perhaps you should consider taking that same route. I can reasonably assure you that HP workstations are just as well thought out and put together.