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    cross-platform render farm nodes: no render control file found?!

      Hi all. Need some help with this setup...

      PC- intel pentium 805D, 3gb ddr2 ram, xp pro, cs3
      iMac g5 ppc- 1.9gHz, 1gb ddr2 ram, leopard, cs3
      mac g4 ppc- 450mHz, 1.10gb pc133 ram, tiger, cs3
      PC- amd athlon xp, 2gb ddr ram, xp pro, AE 7.0 pro (no SSE-2 support on proc)

      First, though i'm pretty sure 7.0 won't interact with cs3, will the 7.0 render engine work with cs3 projects just for rendering?

      Second, my problem. I start the render engine on all nodes, watching the folder on my RAIDed external drives attached to my iMac. I collect the files on my intel pc to the watch folder. the iMac starts rendering right away, but the g4 says *no render control file found for "project.aep* and just keeps searching. The g4 is connected to the watch folder via the network, and the g5 can see the g4, so I don't get why it can't read and help render.

      I get the same problem with the older pc, but unless I find out that the render engine should work with the newer cs3, i'm not gonna worry about it.

      Thanks in advance for the help and insight!