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    CS3 RAM preview with audio - "locking existing frames"

      I recently "upgraded" to AE CS3. When I open an old project that worked just fine in 7.0, I RAM preview with audio and I get "locking existing frames" in the preview window, CS3 crashes and I have to start over. But when I mute the audio, it works fine.

      When I start a project from scratch in CS3 it works fine. I am only having a problem when I open a project created in 7.0

      I work on a brand new HP 1.97 GHz dual processor with 3GB of RAM. I have never had any problems before this.
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          Yeah, these issues have been known to happen. CS3 will play sound differently from AE7 and sometimes it frowns if it finds different settings stored in the project files. If the settings aren't already correct, you might be able to prevent the issues by setting your audio sample rates, number of channels and output mapping to the exact same settings as they were on your old system. Also turn off any of those rubbish perceptual audio "enhancement" functions. If that doesn't bring any improvement, then as they say in software developer circles: removing the audio, re-importing it and placing it on the timeline is an acceptable workaround. ;-) For venting some steam: