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    AE CS3 square pixel export to widescreen pixel PAL M2V (not happening)

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      I created a PAL widescreen square pixel DVD menu videobackground animation in After Effects (1024 x 576px). I exported it as PAL DV WIDESCREEN which streches the size to 720 x 576. I would assume this results in a PAL DV WIDESCREEN PIXEL M2V file with the size of 720 x 576, the standard SD DVD widescreen movie, right? BUT, instead, I get a 720 x 576 square pixel movie, at least Adobe Encore interprets it that way. So, why?

      Then if I export with the same settings but as an Uncompressed Avi, I get what I want, which is PAL WIDESCREEN PIXEL movie with the size of 720 x 576. And Encore is able to interpret it correctly, AS a PAL Widescreen pixel movie. Any ideas or logic why this is happening?