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    After Effect Problem when Start program


      I've problem with Adobe after effect 7.0 pro (and cs3)

      I've Install it and Run Program for first time ( I never used it before this is the first time I run it )

      and It says "Adobe After Effect Warning : Unable to create font"

      It's not error mark box but it's a info mark (blue mark) box ( i )

      and I ran it again it's open with nothing No timeline No Composition No Project bar , everything !

      except menu that can't select anything (everything's gray colour can't select)

      and When I close it , It appears a box with this quote

      " After Effect can't continure : sorry , After Effect has crashed. See
      http://www.adobe.com ......................................... for known issues. If you still can't
      resolve this issue , please contact adobe technical support (2).

      ( 0 :: 42 ) "

      and It appear a box that have 2 choice send error report and close (Just like miss some file problem)

      I don't know how to resolve it and I read at FAQ at Adobe website , Nothing about it

      I tried to reinstall it , and install from internet and cd but same

      I hope you can resolve this problem for me :)

      PS. Sorry for my bad english , but I hope you understand it ;]

      Thank you :-)
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          Well, everything you need to know is in the first warning - AE cannot create the glyphs required to display its interface strings (menus, tips etc.). This is a severe system problem and could be caused by a number of things:

          - You do not have sufficient user priviliges to access system directories and files.

          - The file permissions of the font directories are not set correctly.

          - you have a problem that is specific to your operating system language settings.

          I strongly suspect that it is the last one, but to solve it you need to tell us what operating system you are using and what language you are on.

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            Ahhh.... Yes

            I can use it now

            It's because the last case that you've been told me ...

            I changed language to English(USA)
            and Location USA

            Now I tried to run program But it's works now

            Thank you Very much !!!
            Very very