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    How can i create an hp hand commercial in AE

      I been searching on you tube for tutorials. i googled it. i tryed asking some gurus on my team for ideas. Everybody has struck out. I really want to make my own version of the HP hand commercials like the ones we see with Jay-Z and Pharrell. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be great. Or better yet if you know of a tutorial video that would be awesome too. Thanks in advance.
      Grant Williams
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          Sorry friend, that's nothing to go on about in a few sentences or a tutorial. It's much more complex than that. First off you need to know which effect you want to apply at which time. Therefore everything must be carefully choreographed and storyboarded for the shoot. If you need to actually grab something, you will have to have green cards as dummies on set. Once you have your footage, it's time to do a lot of tracking and matchmoving to find the attachment points of your layers and align your 3D space. You will also have to touch up any tracking markers or placeholder elements with paint and mask tools. After that's done, you can finally get to designing the actual content - which in my opinion is the simpler part of the whole exercise - which then can be substituted for your placeholders you created during the tracking phase. What you are designing is very much up to you, but you will notice that by using very lofty designs all the ads avoid having to match the artists motions all too perfectly. It just needs to somehow move in sync. I really recommend you break this up into bits and pieces and think about each step of the way as a separate process. This will bring up a much more clearer perception on your part and in turn allow us to better answer your more concrete questions. You certainly can find individual pieces as tutorials, but you will not get an instant "just add water" type tutorial for the whole thing. After all, that's why those agencies get paid the big bucks to tie pieces together and turn it into something beautiful.

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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
            If you can find the original ad where the guy haled up the empty frames that's not so hard to deconstruct. But, as M says, it's the choreography that makes it happen. The effects are actually rather simple once you have the design. Realizing the effects is not easy at all but figuring them out isn't that tough.

            The latest HP spots are just too golly-gee-whiz to me. I just watch and say, "Wow." Elegantly complex, that's why they cost so much money. If you have that kind of money and time and resources, invent your own version of tracking and image substitution effects.