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    AVI files jump to random locations

      Sorry but this is somewhat unrelated and I didn't see a link to post a new thread.

      my avi files I import into AE end up glitching so that the frames jump to random time locations. suchas frame 1002 will jump to frame 45. Of course it does this after I've been working on the movie for an hour.

      I don't have this problem with mov files.

      Is AE compatible with avi files? should I use mov files instead? When I use premier to convert avi to mov, the file size is exponentially larger.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          The errors you are experiencing seem to be related to using compressed files with a certain CoDec and AE mixing up the conformed frames. In general AE is compatible with AVI formats, but please understand that just like QT files, these days they are often merely data containers which have an internal structure that is entirely handled by the CoDec. If the Codec has problems, then so has AE. Only very few encodings like Cinepak or Uncompressed use the old method and can function without additional CoDecs installed on your system. It is also worth noting that AVIs are very fragile in terms of retaining correct timecodes and otehr things because the format was never meant to evolve to what it is being used for today. Therefore if you have thhe opportunity to capture your files in alternate CoDecs or directly to QT, it would be an option to prevent these problems. I would not pursue this line of work if it entails lengthy conversions. In that case you should rather look into updating your CoDecs and capture dirvers which should only take a short excursion to the website of your video hardware manufacturer...