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    Audio Expressions don't work in CS3

      In AE 7, I created a mixing board and link songs to 12 sliders on the board. When I pushed a slider up, that corresponding song would get louder. When I pushed the slider down, that song would get lower. Now in CS3, I can push the slider up to the max +24 db or min -192db and the sound doesn't change at all. The decibel parameters for the song changes but the volume does not. When I do the same thing in AE 7, it works. Does anybody know why the sound is ignoring the fact that it is linked to the Y anchor point of the slider? Thank you.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Try adding at least one keyframe to the audio levels and change the expression to

          value+thisComp.layer("XY").effect("Audio Level")("Slider") or something.

          I don't do sound tweaking in AE (with Audition and Soundbooth, why bother?), but you may have encountered a bug. If so, please report it to