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    french canadian keyboard and after affect

      Hi there,
      any references outthere about this.
      all the shortcut provided by after effect in french are based on using a french keyboard not a french canadian keyboard. A real nightmare.
      the key $ does not work for me as part of the shortcut list , listed on the menu to move the layer
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          I'm not familiar with the specifics of a Franco-Canadian keyboard layout, but I guess it is similar to the English one. If so, you could simply use English shortcuts. To do so, launch AE at least once in English. Use the shortcut from the "Languages" folder inside the program directory or modify the shortcut to "AfterFX.exe -L EN" manually. This will create an After Effects Shortcuts 8.0.txt file in your prefs directory (C:\Documents and Settings\Isabelle\Application Data\Adobe\After Effects\8.0). That directory is invisible by default, so adjust your folder view settings accordingly. Once the English file has been created, you can rename it to the French version (After Effects codes de commande 8.0.txt or something like that, I presume). When you now launch AE in French, it will use these shortcuts. If that is not what you want, download the KeyEd up script from Adobe Exchange to customize your settings selectively.