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    AE seems ruining my files

      I still have a trial version of after effects cs3 for mac(Tiger).
      I don't know why but it happens that some projects are like ruined and I don't know the reasons.
      For example:I cannot import some files because AE cannot go inside the folders(I just see the folder empty but in real they're full).
      And also if I open the project when AE is already opened,the software tells me 20 files(for ex.)are missing.If I close and reopen again the project there will be 80 missing files,untill arriving at the number of all footages. The funny thing is that I cannot replace or give the path to original footage's folders because all the software is going to close.
      Then,if I restart AE,the project will be ok(without missing files)but it continues to have the same problems with the importation.
      It seems like my Mac Pro ruines the files(they work for example on a pc,but I cannot save because AE tells me there is a missing parameter),I don't know why and I really need a solution.