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    Continuing work flows for Melvyn

      Hi Andy and Ed.

      Well, I do work for a client who sells video clips of the marine world (www.splashdowndirect.com).

      I have a few work flows I do for him in After Effects, the most common of which, is converting PAL video clips into NTSC clips. This is a three stage workflow, and I have it down to a fine art, so I can get 250 clips maximum converted for him in one 9 hour day.

      You guys have already helped imensly by telling me how to change all the Output Module settings at once (Andy, yours is a smart solution, Ed, thank you for answering initially).

      Most of the work flows are not that labor some and are pretty much automated by After Effects by default, like interpret main, then remember interpretation and then apply interpretation.


      The only other thing which I dread when I get to a certain step of the workflow is this.

      There is one part where I have to go and manually change the composition settings for the compositions from being a Pal Preset to a NTSC D1 preset.

      So what I have been doing (for 750 clips a month for over a year!) is: Highlight the comp in the project window, press control and K to bring up the composition settings window, then Tab once, then down arrow six times then return.

      It is easy when you do it once, twice or even 10 times, but after 100 or so by repetition gets worse and I make mistakes easily, which I spend more time going back and fixing after I am finished changing the composition settings.

      If there was a way to automate this process, it would be like a miracle. I would so love to just highlight all the compositions and change the composition preset in one swift move.

      I know this might sound super simple to some of you, but i am primarily a creative user of After Effects and using it for clip processing is not my forte, so I may be staring right past the answer and look a bit silly :-)

      Thank you in advance for any replies.