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    text problems

    Miha Kokalj

      I have no idea why, but suddenly all text layers are defected. Its offset from the position where i input the text, it doesnt respond to layer transformation, and all text transformations with the exception of shifting the baseline. However when i turn the text layer to 3D it works fine again.

      Any idea what could be causing this? I rebooted my computer, and reinstalled after effects, but i'm still geting this problem.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          First aid: Right-click, select Layer Styles --> Remove all. Second aid: Temporarily switch to a different font and see if the issue remains. Third aid: remove all fonts you don't need fromn the system. Fourth aid: clean or rebuild your font caches. This can be done on Windows e.g. by using TweakUI, on Mac's by using OnyX or similar tools. Also make sure you didn't accidentally enable any of the extended text features for Asian text or have used glyph scaling or something.

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            Miha Kokalj Level 1
            Thanks Mylenium! Problem solved.