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    No audio!!

      I had just gotten Adobe after effects 6.5.

      When I went to upload a video from my digital camera (AVI file) there was an error message and it wouldn't import.

      So i converted the file to WMV and i can upload it, however there is no sound when i play it.

      I also tried converting MPG with MP3 as audio but still same problem.

      Any ideas???
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          Joey Morelli Level 1
          Since you have left absolutely no info about your camera / system, we can only guess. Why are you "converting" to compressed formats? What are you using to "convert" this AVI file? Why not "convert" it to a useable format like Uncompressed Quicktime or Animation codec (Best)?

          Like I said...just guessing.
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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
            As Silversurfer said - please provide some more info. Which camera? Waht AVI CoDec? Which tool do you use to convert? Perhaps you simply forgot to check audio export somewhere. Other than that: Those MPEG-4 derivatives used by digital photo cameras are experimental (to say the least), but they usually come with a dedicated program that can play and convert them correctly. Maybe re-check your software utilities CD that came with the camera...

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              Level 1
              Well the camera I am using is HP photosmart M447 which has the videos as AVI.

              The program I use to convert the file is a program called "super"
              and the audio that I selected is MP3 while the video is converted to MPEG.

              I imported the file into after effects, and did that Render thing.

              I had selected audio because for some reason that box was unchecked.

              And the video is now renderd to the desktop, at this point I imported the renderd video file and YAY I have sound!


              I have no options, I can watch the video but thats it, I go to create new and when I drag and drop the renderd video into the black box, it just dosent work.

              So adobe is giving me 2 choices. 1: I can edit videos that have no sound. or 2:use videos that have sound but not have the ability to do anything to them (which is what windows media player does)
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                If you are using SUPER© anyways, why not rip the audio to a separate file and merge them together in AE e.g. in a pre-comp? Should be no problem whatsoever. Remember: AE works based on compositions. It doesn't care where the sound is coming from.