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    Single Core Faster Than Dual Core.......(80 hours for 4.5 min vid)??

      Well...I'm sure this sounds strange. But I get terribly long render times. I can't stand it actually.

      I recently bought AFX CS3 hoping decent renders, but am pretty disappointed.

      I'm trying to render out a 4.5 min vid here and it's taking more than 80 hours!! I don't really think it's that complicated of a video either.
      It's got maybe 10 Invigorator Pro simple objects, a few lights. I prerendered most of the keylight footage. (5 musicians). There are a few nested compositions and a couple moments where the musicians weren't pre-rendered.

      This is my machine: AMD 64 X2 4200+ processor Dual Core
      3 gigs of ram
      Win XP, Service Pack 2
      Gforce 7300 gt.

      The funny thing is, my computer is faster rendering in a single core mode, than when it is in dual core mode.

      Basically I'm rendering out a lossless jpeg sequence so I can keep going when this thing crashes.

      I've read most advice. Any further tips?

      I wonder if adding another gig of ram will help?
      Or if one of those new Amd quad processors will fit into my motherboard.
      Does a better video card add much of a difference?