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    How long of a clip in AE?

      How long can a clip be in AE CS3? I have a 15 min. clip that I bring over to AE thru Dynamic link to work on but I only get about a 1 min. of it.
      I have tryed different ways but have the same problem.
      Its a green screen clip that I bring over and add the background to in AE because the keying is a lot better in AE. I want to do the rest of the work in PP.
      Is there a setting that I'm missing?

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          In theory a cpomposition can be several hours long as can the source footage, so that does not pose a problem. In your case I'd say there's something wrong with the conforming of your source files in Premiere. If it's HDV or some such stuff, it will not come over correctly if there are open GOPs or broken timecodes. Have you tried opening the source clips directly in AE?

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            No I did not try opening directly in AE. I'll try that.
            I was just going thru PP by the Dynamic link or by cutting and pasting.
            I'll try it and see what happens, plus I was reading about setting up the memory and cache preferences so I'm going to check that out also.