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    Leopard F.... Up my Function Keys. Workarounds?

      Thanks again Apple! The iPhone makers decided to pre-assign system shortcuts in Leopard to almost every function key in the keyboard. It [...] me up in every possible application I use, of course (who could have thought of it?). >:(

      I constantly use (or used to use) F3 and F4 in AE and now I have to lift my hand off the mouse to press the "fn" key if I don't want stupid Spotlight or Dashboard to come up instead. I can't describe how much this disrupts my workflow. Is there ANY way to override this? I don't want to re-assign those functions to different keys since I've been using them for years. System Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts won't even show the option for changing those function keys. Is there any hack I could use? I don't care if it implies using the Terminal or any of that Unix crap.

      Thanks in advance and sorry about the tone of this post but I had it with Apple. :)


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