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    AfterFX.exe won't start - missing FTL.dll error

      This is part of the Creative Suite CS3. All other components work. AfterfX.exe will not start. I reinstalled but no change.

      I'm on a Gateway FX540b with Vista Home Premium. I have not applied SP1 yet.

      Any ideas?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Is your system up to the latest patch level otherwise? Do you use any CoDec packs on your system? The issue is not dependent on the DLL - there is no such a thing as an ftl.dll (though it would be nice, as according to "Galactica" lore it means "faster than light" and would accelerate your computer a trillion times *giggle*) :-) Remove any CoDec packs you may have on your system. Also look into alternate media players like MPlayer Classic or VLC - they sometimes bent your media file handling assignments in unpredictable ways and may thus screw AE. As an last item, temporarily disable any security tools you may have on the system. If they are protecting or deep-scanning some files, they will respond to any access of those files in similarly unpredictable ways.

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            Jonas Hummelstrand Level 2
            Try these tips first, and report back if you make it!
            i http://generalspecialist.com/2007/02/troubleshooting-after-effects-7.asp

            - Jonas Hummelstrand
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              Thanks to both of you. I'll keep that info for future issues. I just had to reinstall the OS from scratch and reinstall CS3.
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                Codec packs and drivers for your graphics card have nothing to do with this problem. i had the same issue and the only way i could fix it was by doing the following:

                i have AfterFX on two machines, one of them had this problem. Patches and updates DO NOT FIX IT. once i got the error message after countless re-installs, finally i simply copied the missing FTL.dll from one machine to the other. It worked.

                every time i patch AfterFX this missing dll error message appears. I think i will just have to continue copying the file until Adobe get their act together.

                hope this helps