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    Strange: Footage loads out of sync on timeline/render glitches

      I am working on a music video project that includes greenscreen video footage over top of an animated background.

      Until last night 2 and a half minutes of the video worked beautifully... the animation and video footage are cut dozens of times on the timeline. When I rendered it last night, the footage was loading inside out - middle parts of the animation were playing at the beginning and the wrong parts of the greenscreen footage were loading randomly in the timeline. I tried emptying the cache, and 'replacing footage' with the same footage with a different name.. it works, but only briefly, and after effects starts glitching and rearranging it again.

      When I replace the footage files in the project menu I can export about a minute of the music video before it throws the files out of whack.

      Is there an explanation for this?
      I think its a settings thing because everything appears to be in order in the after effects file.

      Any help is appreciated, Thank you!