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    Shrinking ram previews, even with All Purged!

      Hi there,

      I had the same problem with AE ram previews on my G4 Powerbook that I am now having on the MacBook Pro which replaced it.

      What happens is the ram previews get shorter and shorter. I have two gigs of memory, not a ton, but enough for at least a minute and a half of ram preview time at half resolution (D1 project). I just opened a project, loaded up a ram preview and it loads well over a minute and a half. Then what happens is I keep working and creating new portions to ram preview and little by little the ram preview time gets smaller and smaller. Before long, I have a 20 second region selected for ram preview and it only loads 2 seconds.

      If I Purge All I will then get about 30 seconds of preview time, but soon after, it gets down to a second, and sometimes just a few frames. I have to quit the program and start it up again to get the full preview time... :(!

      Because this exact same problem happened with my last Apple laptop, I assume this is a problem not with the computer, or the particular memory, but with either AfterEffects, or some of the other software I have on my computer, which is Logic Studio, Flash, Illustrator, Photoshop CS3 and a bunch of smaller apps. But I really can't believe it's any of the other apps... Anyway, that's why I have written. To see if anyone else has encountered this problem, or heard about it.

      Thanks so much!

      Again, I have a MacBook Pro
      2.2 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo
      2 GB 667 MHz DDR2 DRAM
      21 GB available disc space on the actual computer
      Mac OS 10.4.10
      AE CS3
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Are you using Rosetta by any chance (because of some plugins or so)?

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            Thanks for your input, Mylenium. No, I'm not. I've upgraded to the latest version of AE which can work without Rosetta. Have you heard of these kinds of problems in relation to Rosetta? Is there a way I can disable Rosetta entirely? I don't know much about it.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              No need to worry. If you have not explicitly enabled, Rosetta will not be used and AE runs natively in intel mode. the issues seem strange, regardless. I can only assume that this might be an issue with your version of OSX. Unfortunately I have my Mac for only 2 months now and it runs with 10.5, so I cannot advise further. The only thing I can think of is that you are using a source format that needs "conforming" (HDV, MPEG formats) and thus AE holds larger portions of it in RAM. You should see if that has any influence by purging the media cache. Perhaps Andrew or Jonas have some ideas, so wait for them to chime in. ;-)

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                Thanks again! I really really appreciate your advice.

                The format I have been using was quicktime DVC50 NTSC exported directly from FCP. And, again, this behavior is identical to the way AE behaved on other projects and an earlier version of the OS like 5 months ago... It's really since I upgraded to the latest version of AE. But I have been considering upgrading to 10.5 for a while now. Maybe now it the time... It's worth a try.

                I have purged the media cache. Again, it will free up some portion, but not all, and afterwards this "sticky filling" starts to happen much faster.

                Of course, after posting the blog AE behaved perfectly! Just to make things more strange! Hopefully somebody will have heard of this problem and know how to solve, or at least can offer more clues.

                Thanks again for your great help, Mylenium.
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                  Hi, I just found this post after I had posted a similar problem.  I was wondering if you ever found a solution?  Thanks much.