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    After Effects Render SLOW - Slower than my old PC

      I am using a new 1 month old 20" iMac, 2.0Ghz with 4gb DDR2 RAM, running OS X Leopard. Adobe After Effects CS3 is rendering really slow, and I mean like the same as my PC. Also the same with Premiere Pro, it renders really slow and I have tried different formats too, in premiere pro it took 2 hours to render a 5 minute video (saved to .mp4 640x480 pixels, end size was 20mb). This is wayyy to slow.

      I compared my Mac with my old PC running Windows XP, it is pentium 4, 3.2Ghz with Hyper threading technonlogy and 1.5 GB DDR Ram. I tested rendering andrew kramers 3d room tutorial, I downloaded the project file. I only chose to render some of it and the old PC was FASTER than the Mac by around 15-20%. BUT, the mac was ONLY using 6% of the 3gb (it only recognises 3 gig not 4 but I dont mind that too much) and the PC was using 60-70% of the 1.5GB (thats using more RAM than the mac) So why can't I get the Mac to use more RAM when rendering, and why is it slower??? It is faster at EVERYTHING else, well the ram preview is about the same.

      How can I get my mac to use more of the RAM and why is it rendering and previewing the same if not SLOWER than my 5 year old PC?
      Any help would be awesome, thanks

      - Dillon
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          RAM allocation is dynamic, you cannot enforce anything on that end. AE takes what it needs and no more. I would think that your issue has to do with the graphics card/ chipset, so my first suggestion would be to make sure you have updated your AE to the 8.0.2 patch. Secondly, run a software update for your Mac. If neither of this applies and brings any betterment, disable the AE_OpenGL.plugin. Simply delete it or move it outside the AE directory. Most certainly your issues hinge on your graphics hardware, so one of the previous recommendations should yield a noticable effect.

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            OK I'm trying those now, I deleted the plugin, updated Mac OS (well didn't have any new updates available), I am downloading the patch but im 50% sure I tried this already, I hope this helps :) Thanks for all your help so far mate,