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    Extra Movement

      Sometimes when I set 2 position key frames I get some movement inbetween the keyframes, when the object is suppose to be still. Any ideas?
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          If I understand your question correctly, what you seem to be desscribing is "interpolation." That feature is "by design," as they say. It's how AE creates motion. You set the start and end points via key frames, and AE creates the frames in-between with the position incremented slightly each time.

          BTW, this happens with other attributes as well (like transparency, rotation, etc.).

          Hope this helps!

          Dan Heim
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            Thanks, well this is happening like at 3 secs I want some video to come in and sit there until 5 secs. So when I set the other keyframe at 5 secs there is a slight movement between those frames. What I have to do is go in the keyframe and drag those little dots, that help curve the motion (not sure what they are called), in.
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              A. Cobb Level 3
              When you have a bezier motion path with two keyframes sitting on the same point in space, it's like you drew a bezier curve and pulled two of the control points onto the same spot. The curve will swoop through one vertex and loop around to come back through the same spot.

              To fix this you can set your keyframes' spatial interpolation to "linear". This is like turning your bezier vertices into corners.
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                Thank you!
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                  Todd_Kopriva Level 8
                  Aaron is right. This behavior---which some people not-so-affectionately call "boomerang" motion---is described in the "Controlling change with interploation" section of After Effects Help on the Web.

                  This issue was discussed at length on the Mograph forum recently, where I tried to explain why things are the way they are: