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    pulsing rainbow halo? using trapcode particular


      currently trying to put an effect together that illustrates electro signals that get emitted from a seal and is recieved by a sharks electro-reptors.

      the shark expert whom i'm working with...imagines it might look like a 'pulsing rainbow halo'...my task, which I'm having great difficulty with, is to create this effect getting emitted from a seal.

      the footage i have, is of a seal moving reasonably quickly through the frame, it is rotating and moving into the frame(z-depth)...because of this, i am using trapcode particular(to show z-depth)

      I have created pulsing dots getting emitted from a layer which is tracked to the seal(x,y,z axis and x,y,z rotation)...but to be honest it looks naff

      ...i am open to suggestion as to how i can approach this to make it look good or maybe even if you can suggest a different approach.

      keywords given by the client: 'we like: organic, subtle and beautiful.' ' constant vibration which is always connected to the seal'.

      ...so there you have it...deadlines looming...and i have nothing!!!.....help me obi wan kinobe...you're my only help

      thanking you in advance...
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Well, you need to prepare some sort of layer map that captures the seal's shape. I recommend you simply do so by using Find Edges. Increase the contrast of the edge until it is "clean" and contiguous. Create a proper Alpha from it (Shift Channel, Alpha from Luminance), then dilate it using Minimax and Simple Choker. Blur it using Gaussian Blur or Box Blur (3 or 4 iterations). Then apply Colorama with the input cycle set to Alpha, then tweak as desired to create the halo. To offset the contour, use Minimax and Simple Choker before the Find Edges effect. Once you have your map, you can either use it directly or as a layer Map for particular. You may also wish to make it "radiate" by applying some Radial Blur or Shine.

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            nate_movingpixel Level 1
            thanks for that...unfortunately...the footage doesn't have much contrast...so had difficulties extracting a map/matt...instead i did a lil rotoscoping...i did apply colorama filter to make the edges appear buzzy, which looks ok.....gonna try and use a radio wave effect to try and show 'pulse'...still looking a lil naff...but will have to try and soldier on...and see what i come up with...still open to suggestions....