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    image flickering on camera movement

      I am working in a project where there is an environment build with 3d layers, an the camera moves around at different speeds showing each one of the objects in this environment. My problem is that on certain speeds ( the camera accelerates and stops often) the movements is not fluid at all: it flickers so much that on many cases you can't even tell what the camera is showing. Even Though this problem is visible all over the layer, it is on those areas of the layer where there is bigger color contrast where it bothers the most.

      Here is an example: http://www.rampanteanimaciones.com.ar/Elias.mov

      This happens with or without the motion blur activated, and i have tried to avoid this by changing the shutter phase, as well as the shutter angle, but none of this worked.
      I have also changed the frame rate of the composition: the flicker is in another frequency, but still there.

      In other posts i read that this may have something to do with the amount of pixels that a layer moves on each frame. if this amount is not a rounded number, the image will flicker. if it moves by 1.3 pixel, o or 1.6 pixel it won't work, it has to move 1 or 2 pixel per frame to be a fluid movement.

      The problem is that i have already made all the animation. So i cant start all over again paying attention to the rounded numbers.
      Does this have to do with that pixel thing or could it be something else?
      What causes it?
      Is there a way to get rig of that flickering?
      Please help me!
      thank you very much.
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          The jumpiness is most definitely an issue with a mismatch of the camera's actual position in combination and rotation with how the interpolation of each of the properties is set. It looks like the temporal interpolation has some odd keys somewhere that in turn affect the rest of the motion and make it jerky.... Increasing the framerate would certainly help, but you may also simply be using too many keyframes. Beziers do not behave that well if there are too few frames inbetween...

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            thank you very much for your fast answer.
            i'm not sure if i understood what you' ve explained. but this is what i tried:

            i set all keyframes in the animation to autobezier: the flicker still there
            i set all keyframes in the animation to linear: still there
            i took all of them again and spread them on the timeline, to obtain more than the double of inbetweens ( this in linear mode) and it the flckering remained!

            so i don't know if i miss something in your explanation, or maybe this jerky movement has to do with something else.

            This things i tryed, are the things you where talking about?
            is there something else i could try?
            thank you again!
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              Are you using keyframes that have been pushed into the negative time range (beyond the left edge of the timeline)? Are you using any hold keyframes? The only times when I experienced a similar issue was when I (unessecarily) created a keyframe at frame 0 that affected the rest of the motion. Maybe you can also try to offset the keyframes in time. Also look if you not accidentally have time-stretched a layer. This might also create problems. Beyond that I have no otehr ideas at the moment. If you like, you can send me the project (without the footage) and I can have a quick look at it (mylenium<=-at-=>mylenium<=-dot-=>de).

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                i am sending you the project. I would like to attach the footage but there are many large files. There are not hold keyframes, and the layers are not streched. I thought that maybe there where some of those keyframes that remain in the middle of 2 frames when you atl+drag a group of keyframes. but there weren't any.
                I hope that when you see the project, you'll figure it out.
                Thank you!!!!!!