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    Short job

      We are in the process of producing a video for a special needs school. To add to this, we would like a side bar, featuring different Lego blocks falling down individually to form a tower. On each of the lego blocks, we would like a different word to be written, e.g. physiotherapy, music, warmth etc. To finish this off, we were thinking of the school's name being portrayed, either down the side of the whole tower (not the front face of the lego, upon which the keywords will be written, but on the side faces), so that when the whole tower is complete the school's name will be in full view, or as a top piece, maybe a triangular lego piece, or a piece with some more shape to it, with the school's logo upon it.

      Is there anyone out here who would be prepared to do this?
      What would the costs be?
      Right now, the maxiumum we are able to pay for this is $400.
      Thank you,
      Artistic Design Ltd.
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Do you want this to be in 3D or something? Any special logo? Typeface? Exact placement of the stuff? If you're not in a hurry, I might be able to help you in my sparetime. Feel free to contact me at mylenium<-at->mylenium.de .