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    Help with keylight

      I am hoping someone can help me.
      I am trying to do some green screening
      After I import a video footage into AE and put into comp. Then
      I add the keylight effect and use the dropper from screen color on the green background and I get a blackish almost semitransparent covering of the whole video screen. It removes the green but leaves the subject with this blackish coloring over it. I am sure it is probably something simple but I have tried everything and do not know how to get rid of it.
      I listened to lots of tutorials but to no avail.
      I am using cs3 AE 8.0227 on a Mac
      The video is ntsc dv shot on a sony camcorder
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          Make sure to download the latest version of Keylight from The Foundry. I believe you have hit the exact same problem that got fixed only a few days after CS3 was released. Other than that you should adjust the Alpha Bias and Rollback settings to bring your Alpha channel's values back into suitable ranges and get rid of the transparencies.

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            Appreciate the help
            I will get on it and let you know if all works out.