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    Pulldown Fields transfer rate HELPPP !!!!

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      Hey my friends !!! These are my doubts.

      I am working in a project that it will be finally delivered in 1080i 59,94Hz.
      It is being shooted on Super16mm 24F/s.
      Then it's being transfered to 30i on HD SR. (Pulldown) The second field is not a duplicate of the first one. It's a kind of interpolation.
      I will make the visual effects in After Effects on a MacPro.
      I will receive DPX sequences 59,94i.

      So, Tons of doubts I have.....

      IMPORT: Should I import the secuence at 59,94 or at 29,97 ? fields or no fields ? Upper or lower ?
      If I am not wrong I should not import the seq with fields because it is 59,94i to get the fields in DPX images.

      COMP: Should I set the frame rate COMP to 59,94 or 29,97 ?

      PULLDOWN: Is it really necessary to remove pulldown if I am working with masks ? How will I put pulldown again for render? Just in render settings?
      What happen with frame rate after pulldown ? Will I work in a slower frame rate during my work and I will make the correct frame rate again for output render?

      PREVIEW: I am aware that there's no way to see interlaced video on a progressive monitor. I will not see interlaced video in After effetcs COMP preview either. So should I trust that those huge jaggy edge will not be seen on interlaced monitor playback ?

      RENDER: AFter all this , which frame rate should I use to render the final DPX sequence? The same as I have received it ? 59,94i If I do in this way I imagine that the project where it will be imported it will be 29,97 or 30i so the scene will played correctly with fields.

      Please explain me a bit theses decisions if someone have experience on it.
      I need your help
      Thanks my friends