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    Text expressions...grr

      expression gurus:

      http://www.beliefdesign.com/stage/index.php?section=work&project=01.Featured%20Work&id=02. Food%20Network.480x360&extension=mov&width=480&height=360

      I am working a project that calls for a text animation similar to the ones in the above link. I am looking for advice on the "Accordion" like bounce applied to the letters.

      working with per character text animators started to show me that its possible, but I was wondering if there was an expression that could drive this. I know it deals with the offset and z position, but I found myself getting more and more frustrated. Utilizing the wiggle paramater kind of worked, but not really if you know what I mean.

      I'm not worried about the "extrusion they created, just the movement of the letters themselves.

      Appreciate any help/tips you could give.

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          A. Cobb Level 3
          You might have good luck using a Wiggly Selector with a Position animator. Unfortunately, I don't see any way to control the number of octaves for the wiggle, and I think 1 would probably be ideal. You might also play around with putting a sine function on the position value, or possibly on a range selector set to smooth. Something like

          >frequency = .5


          will give you a simple sine function that will make the letters bounce up and down gently, and then you can use the wiggly selector to introduce finer detail in the bounciness.
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            Thanks Aaron fro your reply!

            When I inserted your expression into the wiggly position property, I got an error saying it required 3 dimensions not 1.

            I am a total newbie when it comes to scripting beyond the wiggle and time*x expressions.

            Would you be so kind as to include the complete syntax and which property to insert it into?

            Thanksa gain for your response - most helpful.
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              A. Cobb Level 3
              I'm overcomplicating things. Looking at the animation some more, it looks like they have a simple wave rippling through the extruded letters. Here's an alternative method, using an Expression Selector on a Position animator. Apply this expression to the Expression Selector's Amount property:

              >frequency = 2;

              >wavelength = 2;

              >zBounce = Math.sin((time/wavelength*Math.PI*2+textIndex/textTotal)*frequency)*.5+.5;


              You'll want to explicitly animate the Z value of the Position property of the text animator to make it bulge out at the beginning, and you might need to add another position animator to make it zoom in from a distance at the beginning, but I think this should get you pretty close to the look you are going for.

              Also, be sure to use a wide viewing angle for your camera. That will accentuate the depth of the animation.
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                Level 1

                This is pretty darn close. By modifying the Spatial phase and the z position, it's almost dead on.

                Thanks so much for taking the time to work out the expressions. Like you, I was also thinking about the wider angle on the camera to accentuate the effect. Add motion blur to this, and it's awesome.

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