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    Coldfusion Wizard and MySQL

    mat1492 Level 1
      Hi all,

      I am new to Flex and trying to connect to a MySQl database via the ColdFusion wizard. The wizard works fine except it never creates the “bin/main.html” file. It creates the “index.cfm” file that points to the “main.html” file. The kicker is that it works fine when you use Access as the database, and the wizard even sees the MySQL database, allowing you to create the needed queries etc. The MySQl database works fine in ColdFusion and I have tried multiple Access databases and MySQL databases. All the Access databases work fine but the MySQL ones won’t.
      Has anyone else had a problem with MySQL and the wizard?


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          mat1492 Level 1
          OK, since I first posted this problem I have had a chance to go back and play around with flex and the wizard some more. At first I thought it might be me, not unheard of, but I have been able to connect the wizard successfully to some tables in some MySQL databases. The weird thing is that there is no rhyme or reason to why it connects. For instance I may be able to connect to a table fine, but if I try to recreate the exact connection in a new project it does not work. Also if you go in and make a change to the project, one that is working, it will break it. The only thing I can figure is that the data types in the table can cause problems. I have noticed that Flex does give me error messages for some text fields. So I am off to document the tables to see if there are any data types that may be a problem.
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            HS_QA_-_Farah Level 1

            I wasn't able to reproduce the problem using a MySQL database. The data types that were covered and worked successfully were decimal, bigint, varchar, datetime, float, int, double, smallint, text, timestamp, and tinyint. If you have any columns with a data type other than these, please let me know.

            CF QA Team
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              mat1492 Level 1
              Hi Farah,

              Thanks for the response. No the data types are all either int, varchar, or text, nothing fancy.

              Another thought. I have the Access database and Flex builder on the same server but the MySQL databases are located on a different server. Could this be a problem?