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    Duplicating Effects on other images

      Hello there, I'm really hoping you can help me out. I'm using After Effects 5.5 (and it's been a while since I used it). I have a series of images (20) that I want to scale and move around the screen - all images will be doing the same thing.

      So here's my question: is there any way of performing this movement on one image then be able to transfer the behaviour to the other images - I don't want to have to go through all 20 images adding the same effect. This would be a great help if I could find out how to do this easily - I'm running out of time.

      Many thanks.
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          A. Cobb Level 3
          First things first: It sounds like you might be mixing up your terminology here. "Effects" has a very specific meaning in AE -- it refers to those plugins that get applied to layers and are grouped under the "Effects" property group. It sounds like you are asking how to apply the same transforms (position, scale, etc.) to a whole group of layers.

          There are several ways to do what you are describing. You can copy and paste keyframes; you can select the animated properties and create an Animation Preset, which you can then apply to other layers; or you can link layer properties using expressions. The first two are two ways of going about the same thing. Expressions are different in that they are "live", meaning any changes to the master layer will be reflected automatically in the linked layers.

          If I misunderstood your post, and you do want to copy actual effects from one layer to another, copy/paste or animation presets will get you there the fastest, since expressions alone can't apply the actual effects. Just be aware that with copy/paste, the position of the current time indicator has an effect on where the keyframes are pasted in time.
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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
            Note: I can't remember if AE 5.5 has Animation Presets - they may have been introduced in AE 6.0.

            Another option is to do the following:

            Set up one layer the way you want it.
            Duplicate the layer (Ctrl/Cmd D)
            Alt-drag a new image from the project window onto the selected duplicate layer.

            Repeat for each layer.
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              David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
              I believe Animation Presets were introduced in ae6.0. I think they were called something else in 5.5, but don't remember what.. When were expressions introduced? Was that also in 6?
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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                As far as I remember, you could only save the animation of a single property pre-AE6. Expressions definitely were in 5.5, but may have been there before. Well, all too long ago for anyone to remember. ;-)

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                  Thanks for the quick responses - I'm a happy chap now.