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    Frame Rate too fast with dpx

      I've imported a dpx sequence into AE 8.0. My composition setting is 1920x1080, 23.976fps. When I play the file in AE, I am missing frames. in the AE project, one shot (of my film) is 4 to 6 frames, depending on what composition setting is chosen. The original shot and the dpx files of the same shot is 7 frames long.

      When the shot is rendered as a preview it plays too fast. Now I think it's playing too fast because it's missing frames. I believe this is happening on all the shots, so many frames would be missing, thus making it play faster. I also think it's playing faster than 23.976 fps. 23.976fps is the setting for playback and the composition.

      anyone had this problem? Know what to do?