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    Zoom In

      Hey everyone:

      I have created a motion menu in AE for Encore and have also created transitions for the links on that menu. I want to change the transition, but I'm not sure how to accomplish my idea.

      The menu im creating the transition from contains two layers of video (one is a window frame that has been keyed so the layer below it will show through) and two buttons. I want to create a slow zoom in of the menu for when a button is activated. What I have now is each button getting larger when activated. Instead, I want to create the look as if the menu is a real shot and I'm zooming in on my video camera.


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          bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
          The process of adding new transitions requires that you create the clips and then load scripts, or at least change target actions for the buttons, to run the clip and then have a an end-jump that goes to the chosen item.
          It's nt difficult but it doesn't happen by itself. You can explore lots of DVD creation books for how to build menus and alter basic programming operations. I would assume Encore has a huge online help system.

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            bogiesan-gyyClL Level 3
            this might help.

            Look for the Motion and DVDSP tutorials.

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              thank you david, thats a helpful link.

              but my question refers to After Effects as opposed to Encore. I know how to create, place, and have transitions work properly in Encore. i'm just looking to change the way it looks in After Effects. i think if i play around a little bit more, and trial and error my idea until i get it to work is th best idea.