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    /3GB switch using Nucleo Pro 2?

      Please don't flame me for not trying to find the answer using search in this and other forums! I have been reading a LOT about various OS limits on RAM -- and I have seen a LOT about multi-core processing and RAM limitations with AE, but I STILL need help with four "yes" or "no" questions (Mylenium - are you out there?!?):

      My box: AMD X2 Dual Core 6000+; 4 GB RAM
      My OS: Windows XP Pro (32)
      My AE Version: CS3 running Nucleo Pro 2.0

      I just installed an additional 2GB of RAM, increasing my total from 2 to 4. So now my questions on how to optimize:

      1) With Nucleo Pro 2 installed, do I still enable the /3GB switch in the boot.ini file if my ultimate goal is increased performance in AE CS3?

      2) With Nucleo Pro 2 installed, do I enable multi-processing in AE?

      3) With Nucleo Pro 2 installed and only AE running, should I expect to see about 1.5GB RAM per core in use during renders?

      4) Do I change the disk cache and/or maximum RAM preferences in AE? (OK, you could just say yes or no here, but I would be so happy if you also suggested some settings!)

      THANKS much for any and all help!

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          David Wigforss-Hv1BNN Level 2
          I don't own Nucleo, so I'm not entirely sure.... My educated guess:

          1) No. With your processor and ram, it would be advisable to stay with 2gb per process (I think the 3gb switch might cause it to try to go 3 gb and 1gb, which could crash out that second process).

          2) Nope. That'd be redundant. Leave MP off in AE, and use Nucleo.

          3) Memory requirements would vary depending on the project. I'd think you could expect more than 1.5gb per process (Xp (and Vista)doesn't use 1gb of memory...)
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            Joey Morelli Level 1
            Dude...nobody's going to flame you. Go to the source - they know their own software better than anyone here and will walk you through it all:

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              Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional
              This previous thread answers a lot of your questions:


              1) I wouldn't bother with the 3GB switch if you plan to use multiprocessing.

              2) No, you use EITHER AE multiprocessing or Nucleo. They are essentially the same thing, just handled in different ways.

              3) AE uses as much RAM as it needs up to the limit of what's available. Every job will have different RAM requirements.

              4) Stick with the defaults unless you experience problems. If multiprocessor renders are very slow, it sometimes helps to lower maximum RAM settings.
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                Level 1
                Thanks for the responses. I have not enabled the /3GB switch and I do see my total physical RAM in the task manager performance tab as a little over 3GB.

                When I render using Nucleo Pro 2 (disable MP in AE) it appears to be using more than 2GB so I think I am set up well now.