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    After Effects CS3 error: file not found -43 and TIFFIO failed to open the file


      I am experiencing a problem with AE CS3.

      I have several TIFF sequences (with alphas) that are giving me a headache. When I import them into AE, I get an "AEGP Plugin TIFFIO: Failed to open the file" error.

      I researched the forums and found that this could be related to odd formatting of the source media (my TIFF sequence). I created these TIFFs in Maya 2008 and I have imported other sequences made with Maya into AE with no issues.

      Just to be sure, I created a Photoshop droplet that re-saved my TIFFs as Photoshop TIFFs with the same names.

      I re-imported the new Photoshop TIFF sequences (still with alphas) into AE CS3, and I get the same error.

      Any ideas? I don't know what to do next.