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    Working With Texts.

      I have AE CS3. When I first got it I could put texts on the screen and put an animate in AND an animate out effect to the text for title screens for my Premiere projects.
      Now for some reason I can only put one effect to the same set of texts. As long as the effects didn't overlap, I could put quite a few effects, but no more. Anyone with any ideas as to what I might have done to mess up my work area?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Effects? You mean animation presets, don't you? It's not quite clear what you are doing, but keep the following in mind:

          a) presets will be applied at the current time marker applying them at the wrong time will anturally make them appear to be defunct

          b) text animators work accumulatively. It is quite possible that one cancels ou the other if some of their parameters ahve the exact same timing, just with opposite values

          c) some of the presets use similar or identical effects controls. It is possible that because of the identical names some of the expressions used do not function as expected

          Check these things. If you still can't get it to work in the way you expect, then simply split the layers.

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            Havalilsi Level 1
            Yes animation presets, my terminology was a bit mixed up.
            When I go back to saved projects, I've done in months past, I was able to do an animate in and an animate out on the same text.
            Simple screens.

            name of preacher
            name of church

            I do an animate in, which finishes animating in about 2 seconds. The information stays on the screen foe about 7 seconds then I try to apply an animate out, but it has recently started causing my animate in effect to cancel. Maybe I'll try to just reuse old screens I have saved and just change the text, but it'd be great if I could get back to creating screens from scratch.
            Hopefully that explanation is a bit clearer.
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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
              Mmh, that is strange then. If your procedures haven't change, neither should the result...

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                I just noticed the same problem. 6.5 allowed the "animate in" and "animate out" on the same layer.
                I finally wound up splitting the text layer where I wanted to start the animate out pre-set and applying the "out" to the second layer. Not much of a hassle, but not as good as before.
                John Rich