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    Anyone Interested? (Also posted on the Cow)

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      I have been thinking about creating a DVD of nature elements, but I wonder if there is any interest in it. The elements would be things like trees, grass, flowers, rocks, etc. The organic elements would be prematted and blow in the wind or grow over time. The goal would to make most of the elements loopable as well. Let me know if this sounds like something useable. Here is a short video of a few scences that I have made with the elements. http://www.cmimagery.com/nature/nature.mov

      Sample Nature Objects

      Sample Scene Screenshots

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          Don't know how you would market a DVD on your own, but there are a few stock companies that will sell this kind of thing as clips. I have some movies similar to this on Revostock, but you also can sell them on istockphoto and several others. Revostock also sells AE project files, although personally I just sell them as movies.