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    Re-Timing a Sequence Efficiently

      Not sure how else to title this post, so let me describe what I need to do better in the future.

      I make animated presentations in AE, which are basically blocks of text that fade in and out, along with bitmap or vector graphics that fade in and out, also.

      I complete a composition with multiple layers in it, working my way down the timeline.

      Then, of course, the client wants to slow down the timing, and I find myself moving each keyframe in each layer down (or to the right, obviously) to slow things down. This takes forever, and you have to be careful that every transition matches up. This approach takes too long.

      What else can I do to slow down the timing of a sequence, without changing the frame rate? If I need to lengthen the amount of time a block of text appears on the screen, how can I push everything else down the timeline as well, keeping everything timed together?

      Any workflow suggestions, or tricks to move keyframes down the timeline?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          Pre-compose, enable time-remapping for the layer. For native properties AE will sample their actual duration on the screen without any quality loss, only multi-frame footage (clips, image sequences) will be blended. Should give you perfect control without the tedious manaul keyframe adjustments.