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    Random little horizontal lines appearing?


      Just installed AE 7.0 on a new computer, under Win XP Pro.

      While working in it, though, I'm seeing something I've never seen before.

      In random places on the screen, short little horizontal 1-pixel lines appear and disappear. They're all about a centimeter long. They appear and disappear in a relatively unpredicatable way. If I draw a cursor across 'em, they go away, but they crop up elsewhere all the time anyway.

      No other application I have (including Premiere 6.5) does this, nor does it happen when I'm just sitting and fiddling with things on the desktop.

      Only After Effects.

      I nabbed a screenshot and sent it to the computer manufacturer and am waiting to hear back from that.

      In the meantime, I plan to uninstall AE and reinstall it and see if it still happens.

      What I SUSPECT is that I have crap memory in there. This alarms me somewhat, naturally.

      Has anyone seen a similar phenomenon, and if so, what did you find out it was?
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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
          It's not necessarily the memory. What you describe could just as well be general drawing errors due to how AE7 uses hardware accelartion for the main user interface as well as OpenGL for composition display. What graphics card do you have? Is it listed as certified for AE7?

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            My vieo card is an NVIDIA 7600 GT.

            I'm searching the site now for some list of "certified for AE7" cards.

            I would rather it be a configuration issue. That way, I can solve it without taking the computer back.

            Is there a document somewhere that describes how best to "tune" your graphics system for AE?


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              Weird -- I thought I posted it.

              I found a list at http://www.adobe.com/products/aftereffects/opengl.html

              The 7600 GT is part of the Ge 7 series, and those are compatible.

              So perhaps it's a setting...?

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                Sorry -- I was mistaken. My card is an Nvidia GeForce 8600 GT.
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                  Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                  Mmh, sounds reasonably powerful enough, as it's pretty much the same chip used in MacBoook Pros and from own experience this does not cause problems with AE7, even on Windows Vista for which AE7 is not recommended to use... Probably simply a misconfiguration? What resolution and refresh rate are you working at? Dual screens by any chance?

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                    The resolution is set to 1280 x 1024.

                    The refresh rate is 75.

                    If I lower the refresh rate to 60 or below, the artifacts get bigger. Of course, lower refresh rates make me crazy. If I raise the refresh rate beyond 75, the monitor reports it cannot support that rate.

                    I found this document:

                    and started carefully trying everything listed. Still in progress on that.

                    Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160 @1.8 Gig, with 2Gig of RAM
                    Video card: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT
                    Video card driver date: 12-5-2007
                    Driver version:
                    After Effects version 7.0.1

                    OpenGL settings:
                    Edit >> Preferences >> Previews OpenGL Info produces: OpenGL version 2.1.2, Texture Memory: 300 MB, Quality: More Accurate

                    I tried disabling OpenGL, but there was no improvement, so I re-enabled OpenGL.

                    From C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects 7.0\Support Files\Plug-ins\Standard\Extensions, I dragged OpenGL3D to the desktop and restarted After Effects. Problem still there, so unlikely to be OpenGL. Dragged OpenGL back to Extensions folder.

                    Updated the video driver from the NVIDIA website.

                    Disabled Prevent DLL Address Space Fragmentation preference. No appreciable effect, so re-enabled it

                    Video memory size: 512 MB. 80% of this is 409 MB. Changed texture memory to 409 MB. No effect.

                    Purged image caches and video memory. No effect.

                    Turned off antialiasing in the video controller. No effect.

                    Using a single monitor -- an LCD Hyundai L72S. I've been using this monitor for a couple years on the other computer, running After Effects. Same version of After Effects.

                    Only thing different is the CPU under the desk.

                    This is where I am so far. Ideas? Suggestions?
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                      Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                      Mmh, strange. You should clearly see some more pronounced differences with different settings, regardless whether towards the worse or better. The artifacts getting bigger however suggests that indeed it is a configuration problem with the graphics card/ monitor combination. I recommend you check your graphics card settings. Go to the "Advanced" options, then pick out the NVidia tab. Under "Performance & Quality", disable the "Vertical Sync" option from "Controlled by Application" to manual mode. Either leave it off entirely or manually enforce it. It's possible that your monitor requires a fixed timing and thus cannot adapt to AE's requirements. See, if it helps.

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                        I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling AE last night (oh, just remembered I forgot to update it after installing). That was my last attempt before hitting the hay.

                        I'm almost drop-dead certain there is either a setting awry in the video card, or the new video card has been licked-for-luck by a technician before installing.

                        I'll try your settings suggestions this evening.

                        Thanks for not giving up on me! 8D



                        ps: will be upgrading the whole kit and kaboodle to CS3 in a couple of weeks, but I would like to be productive in the interim.
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                          "...the graphics card/ monitor combination"

                          If I hadn't just bought two new computers, I could probably justify buying a new monitor with higher resolution. But I know I used to run AE7 on this monitor before, so I'm pretty sure the issue is in the CPU case somewhere.

                          Although the video card/monitor IS a compound system...
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                            I finally contacted the vendor and showed them all of this, plus the screenshot. They declared it was probably the video driver. So, in accordance with their directions, I..

                            1. Uninstalled the video driver completely.
                            2. Downloaded a new driver from omegadrivers.net
                            3. Installed the new driver

                            It almost seemed to work, except the computer kept ******** about being unable to see the co-processor. Nothing cuold help this pseudo hardware failure.

                            So I UNinstalled the drivers, and reinstalled new drivers from the NVIDIA site.

                            The co-processor issue didn't go away.

                            I contacted them again and they asked me to please bring the whole system back in and they will figure out what the hell's going on, fix it, and get me back up and running.

                            We all agreed that it was almost certainly a video driver issue, but we couldn't seem to get a leg over on it.

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                              Wow -- they tried every NVIDIA card in the shop and they ALL produced the same interference. So then they dropped in an ATI card and voila -- no problems.

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                                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant
                                Indeed very crazy. This would clearly point to a dysfunctionality in the card's or the monitor's signal handling. I've informed the powers, so it will get noted in the knowledge base hopefully.

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                                  Intriguing, I have just had this happen with a fresh install of After Effects CS3 (with Production Premium bundle, the only thing installed on there at this time) on a new PC (again a Nvidia card), ...was about to return the card when I found it was only under AE that this happened, ...then did a search and found this thread, ...thankfully it doesn't annoy me too much, but here's hoping either NVidia or Adobe find out whats happening.


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                                    An additional piece of data, perhaps meaningless. The motherboard is also an NVIDIA motherboard.

                                    My vendor says he's never tested configurations using After Effects, and this is totally new to him. no other application caused the trouble.

                                    Since the installation of the ATI card, though, everything's been hunky dory.