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    Video and audio go out of sync

      when exporting a WMV.

      The original WMV was supplied from I don't know where, the problem with it is that it's news footage and there's too much "and that's it for our broadcast tonight, thanks Steve for.. blah blah blah" around the clip they want to use. I just need to trim some seconds off the front and back. This is going into a Powerpoint presentation, so converting it to Quicktime isn't going to help but I tried it and same result, audio slower than video.

      I've tried exporting it several different ways and every single time, no matter what the file format or setting, the audio runs slower than the video and it's driving me crazy.

      Original properties-duplicating these gets me nowhere.
      29.97 fps, Millions 32.000 kHz / 16 bit U / Stereo (from AE)
      280 Kbps, Windows Media Audio 9.2 32 kbps, 32 kHz, stereo (A/V) 1-pass CBR (from Windows Media Player)

      Anyone have an idea what's going on? I'm going to try Premiere now. :(