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    Just a slow OpenGL card? Cpu is faster or zero difference?

      Just installed After Effects CS3 as part of Production Premium. Did all the updates, which finally let me enable OpenGL, but I practically don't see a difference with previews.

      It's a cheap ATI X1600pro (256megs, I think, and AE set to 200megs), supports all features in OpenGL info. Vista 32bit, 2gigs of ram, running dual 20inch widescreens. Core 2 duo E6400, not enough memory for multiprocessing.

      For some reason, testing an older project file, consisting of blurs, zooms, panning, fading in and out, comp at 640*480, I don't see one bit of improvement with OpenGL on. I mean, how can that be?

      To get some exact times, I used make movie on the first 30 seconds of the timeline, 23fps, quicktime medium quality. I'd use OpenGL renderer and repeat without opengl. I did two times each. OpenGL came out to 00:05:10, 2nd time 00:05:08. Using CPU, for some reason one came out quicker, 00:04:41, and the 2nd time 00:05:09

      Is my video card just slow enough to only be comparable to a single core on a core 2 duo? Or did I miss a setting and it's not using OpenGL at all, explaining the zero difference?