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    Ghost's blurry edges

      My name is Timmy Bergqvist and i'm working for a small independent digital-effects cooperation called "Founding Arts" mostly with After Effects. In our next project i am trying to recreate an effect seen in several movies.

      As for an example in the musicvideo for the song "The islander" with
      Nightwish at http://youtube.com/watch?v=hRc9rNDZOCE .
      2:17 in the movie there is this ghost. The edges of that ghost "blows away" in the winds direction in a magnificent way and i was thinking about what plug-in it was for making that effect, and how they made it.

      The same effect have been used in "Lord of the Rings" when the 9 kings tries to get the ring from frodo and he enter this spiritual world when he put the ring on his finger.

      Same with "Van Helsing", the wampires have the same "bluriness" around them, like a part of them is blowing away.

      I have tried particular, particle playground and particle illusion with no success.

      Does anyone got any clue?

      I appreciate You for taking your time.
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          Well, without real 3D particle simulation these effects are hard or impossible to achieve, obviously. However, there's some things you can try. First and foremost you will always have to somehow extract the areas/ contours, which can be done using Find Edges and similar effects. Once extracted, you will usually wish to create a proper Alpha by using Unmult, Shift channels etc. Then you would adjust the edges' thickness using MiniMax, Simple Choker and so on, plus give it a clean color using the Fill effect. Once you have that, it's up to you how to treat them further. By using e.g. Roughen Edges, CC Vector Blur and Directional Blur in combination with displacement effects it's possible to create some firey/ smokey areas that look like they are blown away by the wind. This can then be further refined with any other effect you desire or using multiple layers with different settings to make it more random. Another way to approach it is to feed the extracted areas as a layer map/ layer emitter to plugins like Particular or Form and then have those particle systems' internal forces do the magic...