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    Need to key extremely difficult project!!!


      My client shot a subject dressed in a white dress with redpolka dots on a white background. They shot the video for tv, but now want to pull the subject to put on a pure white background for a web ad that will contain flash. Keying this subject has been a nightmare.

      Used everything from PS-CS3 to AE-CS3 to Shake. No real great results. The client says there is too much "noise" in the resultant quicktime. What seems to be happening is that the keying has rendered some areas of the edges that are being interpreted as transparent, so when put on a white background, it looks a bit "noisy". I need about 5 secs (164 frames) of the footage. Is there a sure-fire way of doing this, or does the client need to re-shoot the subject on a green/blue screen? They claim they can't because the model is unavailable, but I think that they have to tolerate some imperfection as a result of their poor shooting decision.

      I don't know how to include a still of one of the frame in this posting, but if anyone wants to see it, i'd more than happy to email to you.



      os x 10.5.1
      4gb ram
      AE cs3
      PS cs3